The Last Dragoon Rifle

As had been done in the Czarist era, the Artillery Commission was given the order to carry out this decree. . Nearly eight years after the order of 1922 the Revolutionary Committee for Military Affairs . Accessories M91/30 cleaning kit. Closed .

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Pennsylvania Longrifles, Inc. - Longrifle Types

An individual may have a favorite type of weapon (as in a Kentucky longrifle), . in a specific era (as in joining a French and Indian War or Revolutionary War .

Favorite 18th c. Sites and Sutlers

Selin's Rifle Co., is a re-creation of an original American Revolutionary Rifle Unit . Library of Congress: The American Revolution and Its Era - Maps and Charts of . Track of the Wolf: They offer a large selection of muzzleloading gun kits, gun .

Kentucky/Pennsylvania Long Rifle Home Page

The Kentucky (or Pennsylvania) Long Rifle was the most accuratelong-range gun for . The long rifle was a prime factor in several Revolutionary erabattles, .

Common Interest Dicussion on WW2 era firearms - Hipoint Firearms ...

Oct 10, 2012 . i would like to dedicate this thread to WW2 era firearms- whether its original or . from US military history WWII, Vietnam, or revolutionary war era. . We were looking at muzzle loading kits and finished rifles the other day, and .

Of Rocks, Trees, Rifles, and Militia : The Colonial Williamsburg ...

Rocks, trees, rifles, and valiant militia. The Revolution in a nutshell. A great comedy routine, perhaps, and certainly an inspiring legend to which many modern .

Don Drewry Loading Revolutionary era Long Rifle - YouTube

Feb 19, 2011 . "Captain John (Don) Drewry, 1st Virginia Regiment, Continental Army Demonstrates Loading a Revolutionary era Long Rifle at the Kentucky .

Historical Replica Guns - History Store

Replica Guns: George Washington's Flintlock, Historical Flintlocks, Napoleon's Flintlock, Civil . Carbine - American Revolutionary War,Model 1851 Navy Pistol - Silver Engraved Ivory Grips,Pistol - 1851 . History · History Map · History Era · History Category · On This Day In History · Historical Props . [=]Scale Model Kits .

Long rifle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The American longrifle, more commonly but less correctly known as the . further reinforced by the performance of riflemen in the American Revolution as well as . the Kentucky Rifle style was also used on flintlock pistols during the same era.

Replica Guns & Replica Swords, Historic Western & Flintlock ...

If you are looking for Old West Guns, Civil War or Revolutionary War Era memorabilia, - we have them! We also have a nice selection of Cowboy Hats for that .

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Black Powder gun kits - Martial Arts Planet

Black Powder gun kits Weapons. . If I was back East I suppose it might be Civil War, Revolutionary War or some . I shoot black powder revolvers from time to time, not from kit though, primarily civil war era replica's, because .

How To Build an AR-15 Rifle - MidwayUSA

Before you buy your first part, decide what kind of rifle you want. . This upper is ideal to build a "Retro" civilian version of the Vietnam era M-16 Rifle. . grab the long part of the spring that sticks out and wind it 1/2 revolution away from your .

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Build Track's Colonial Longrifle parts set, with 13/16", 7/8", or 15/16 ...

These parts have been specially chosen to replicate a fine early longrifle, typical of those made during and after our Revolutionary War. They were selected for .


ERABSF Rimfire & Air Rifle BR FAQ's

European Rimfire & Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting Federation . ERABSF Hall of Fame . Anschutz models usually come with one as part of the kit. . Anschutz acquired in the course of the latest revolution in the field of air rifle technology.'s.htm

TAH Index Key – Era 3 (1754-1820) Revolution and the New Nation

TAH Index Key – Era 3 (1754-1820) Revolution and the New Nation . gun lost at Ferguson defeat” (the battle of . Chad Bogart – Colonial Militia Kit. 1770-80 .


Gun Parts: for flint, percussion, & early cartridge guns - Track of the ...

Colonial & Revolutionary War era, patchbox kits for flint longrifles (33). Federal Period, patchbox kits for longrifles (30). Military, patchbox kits for rifles (4) .


Gun enthusiasts release open-source kits for 3D-printed Wiki - Dezeen

Sep 27, 2012 . Individuals would be able to download the kits and use them to 3D-print their own weapons at home, sidestepping the need for a gun license.


Firearms rarities : Cane rifle

Pre-1700 era · 1700-74 era · Revolutionary War 1775-83 · 1784-1860 era . Google. Firearms Search Engine . British Day's Patent Single-Shot Breech- Loading Cane Rifle, 1870 . Reloading kit for pinfire cartridges (7mm, 9mm & 11/ 12mm) .

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Clear Creek Trading Company Traditional Muzzleloading Weapons ...

No other factory assembled rifle or kit offers the authentic style and design of . and was recognized by experts as one of the better made long arms of that era.

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Minie Ball

The muzzle-loading rifle bullet was named after its co-developer, Claude-Étienne Minié. . a British officer who fought in the American Revolution, wrote in 1814: . During the Napoleonic era, attacking infantry could safely approach to within .

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Rifle History

Jul 7, 2011 . Guns came into being when the Europeans adopted gunpowder from the . could kill a man was the measure of skill in the Revolutionary era.

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