What is the Best Caliber Rifle for Deer Hunting?

BALLISTICAL CHARTS FOR THE RIFLES WRITTEN ABOUT ARE SHOWN AS . the very largest deer, small to medium sized antelope, and for varmint hunting.

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rifle calibers smallest to largest chart

Choosing the Best Caliber for Self-Defense

May 4, 2011 . One gun in one caliber may often have to fit the needs of everyone in the household. . .380 ACP: Long popular for small semi-auto pistols in Europe and . I believe in the old adage that, "He who has the biggest with the mostest, wins. . a table chart showing exactly what the force could be generated by .

The Best Deer Rifle

Other calibers that are not hard to find are .270, .243 and .308. . Some people are either small of stature or afraid of the recoil. . You can go here to view a recoil chart of many of the popular deer rifle calibers. . has it's critics but it appears that the biggest downfall is the tubular magazine that limits the caliber selection.

Five Rifle Calibres for International Hunting

I have decided to list my choices of the five most useful rifle calibers available to an . The largest gobbler was running through some brush. . In comparison this is a very small cartridge compared to the .300. . According to the Remington ballistics chart the .300 is between 20 and 25 percent hotter than the .35 Whelen.

List Rifle Calibers Smallest to Largest | Answers

The list of rifle calibers smallest to largest, starts from .22 Long Rifle, .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, .260 Rem. or 6.5x55 SE, .270 Winchester, 7mm .

WW2 Japanese Guns

Military Pay Chart . Libya became the largest operator of the export-minded Italian OTO Melara . The Arisaka Type 38 (Rifle, Meiji 38th Year) was the standard rifle issued to the Imperial Japanese infantry. . The Type 94 infantry mortar was a large-caliber field weapon of the Imperial . ALL SMALL ARMS CATEGORIES .

Caliber/Ammo Selection

A Guide to Caliber and Ammunition Selection for Concealed Carry . firearm, putting rifles and shotguns aside, you should carry the largest caliber handgun . For comfort while carrying concealed, you would carry the smallest firearm you could . and charts to help you understand the differences in many popular calibers.

Are Bigger Bullets Better? | Outdoor Life

You have a glistening new rifle in .30/06 caliber and you've topped it off with the best . at last, to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of small arms and ammo. . Mag. and compare them on the downrange performance charts and you'll be . One of the largest Yukon moose ever shot was killed by a Native lady with a .

Hunting: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a better map of the game lands? Do I need a game land . What is the smallest caliber rifle I can hunt with? Can I hunt on . What is the record in North Carolina for the largest bobcat, coyote, beaver, raccoon, etc.? Posting Private .

Difference in Gun Calibers? - Yahoo! Answers

Any type of chart would be idea. . With that here are the rankings of the most common pistol calibers today from smallest to biggest. - .17 Hornaday Magnum Rimfire- the smallest of the common pistol calibers, but don't let . -.22 Long Rifle- This is the most popular caliber for rifles and pistols in the world.

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    Smaller Caliber Rifles for Aging Deer Hunters

    The heavy recoil generated by larger caliber rifles can wreak havoc on the . Kayaks & Canoes · Small Boats · Paddles, Oars & Accessories · Float Tubes . scope of that sleek little rifle at the biggest buck I had ever seen in the wild. . The chart below clearly defines the advantages of smaller calibers for older deer hunters.

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    12 Key Rifle Cartridges

    Chuck Hawks selects 12 key rifle cartridges to cover all hunting situations. . to hunt all species of game, from the tiniest to the largest, everywhere in the world. . Starting with the smallest and least powerful cartridge, Philip and I agreed that it .

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    General airgun information - Straight Shooters Precision Airguns

    By far the largest number of airguns are sold in .177 caliber, and this is the pellet size of choice for nearly all target shooting, plinking and some small pest .


What to Expect When Moving Up in Caliber

. from the "Expanded Rifle Recoil Table," which you can find on the Tables, Charts, . These are primarily target, small game, and varmint rounds. . The largest varmint cartridges, such as .22-250 and .220 Swift, produce . Like the .22 caliber varmint rifles, these .24 and .25 caliber rifles launch their bullets at high velocity.

Compare Rifle Calibers | Answers

Most experts advise that, when one is trying to compare rifle calibers, it is important to handle as . Rifle Caliber Charts · List Rifle Calibers Smallest to Largest .

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Rifle Caliber Comparisons | Answers

Rifle caliber's range in size from 17 to 45. Caliber is generally expressed in 100ths of an inch or in millimeters. . A rifle caliber comparison chart compares the different caliber bullets so that you can . List Rifle Calibers Smallest to Largest .


Gun Caliber Size | Answers

Gun caliber sizes are many and varied. Small rimfire calibers such as the .17 and the .22 are great for plinking or small varmit hunting. They are probably . Gun Caliber Chart · How Is Gun . List rifle calibers smallest to largest · Compare rifle .

Paris Gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The German Paris Gun, also known as William's Gun was the largest artillery gun . It was the largest piece of artillery used during the war by barrel length if not caliber, . containing around 15 kg (33 lb) of explosiveThe small amount of explosive . Gun at S. Berliner, III's ORDNANCE · Une page sur le canon de Paris · Map .


List of the largest cannon by caliber : Map (The Full Wiki)

The list of cannon by caliber contains all types of cannon through the ages listed . then evolved from small handguns to giant wrought-iron or cast-bronze bombard . href="/16"/50_caliber_M1919_gun">16"/50 caliber M1919 gun, Gun, 1920 .


Ever Popular .30's

Chuck Hawks shares information about the popular .30 and .303 caliber rifle . enough to reliably take the largest game for which any small bore cartridge was . my breath waiting for it to topple the venerable .30-06 from the top of the charts.


Lever-Action Ballistics: .30-30 vs. .357 Magnum | The Truth About ...

May 26, 2011 . than all other calibers combined. Hell . The .30-30?s biggest drawback: it's a shorter-range cartridge, due to the . they only burn a small charge of Unique, a fast-burning pistol powder. . Chart of .357 ballistics . I've got a .357 mag rifle, only mine is one of those freaky Taurus Thunderbolt pump thingies.

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Effect of Barrel Length on the Muzzle Velocity - Honors College at ...

A longer rifle barrel has the advantages of a longer sight radius, theoretically allowing a . noted that most ballistic performance charts are referenced to a 24 inch barrel standard. . outdoor environment; a positive backstop was the largest safety . measurement rod should have a diameter no greater than the smallest .

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Bullet Buyers' Guide within

Custom 52s in .224 caliber are offered by the benchrest bullet-makers, such as Bart . Chart based on max velocities (by bullet type) in Sierra Bullets' Load Manual for . Rapid (but controlled) expansion is very important, as the small diameter . That kind of speed is attainable with the largest .30 caliber chamberings, but .

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14"/50 caliber railway gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The largest Allied guns in the area were British 12-inch Mk X guns which . Each train transported and supported a 14"/50 caliber Mk 4 gun mounted on a rail . Map showing firing locations and targets in France, 1918 . Small and pack guns .

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